Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Stars & Stripes

Fri Jul 9 05:37:19 PDT 2004

RE: ...on the sound track was "Stars & Stripes  forever" done as 
a piano solo.  I ;ve heard this before and I'm sure it  must be James P
Johnson, Don Lambert or Willie the Lion.

Not necessarily. I have a piano solo recording of The  Stars and Stripes 
Forever by Eubie Blake done in 1897. By the way, a great  CD for that kind of 
offbeat ragtime entertainment is A Century Of Ragtime,  1897-1997. But wait, 
there's even more good news. You can also do what I  did. Get a lead sheet (melody 
and chords) and you can do your own piano  arrangement. The sheet I have shows 
the outline for all the sections  in entire piece, including the great 
introductory section; putting it  into your own arrangement is really fairly easy. 
The fakebook I got mine from  is: FakeBook of the World's Favorite Songs, Hal 
Leonard, 1990. That  fake book also has a ton of some great old standards. Good 
Dan (piano fingers)  Spink

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