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Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 2 21:35:38 PDT 2004

Yes, I agree completely. My beef is that the letter writer doesn't know his
jazz from a hole in the ground.. Of course AJP is successful. They hire TOP
JAZZ MUSICIANS and they make known who is going to be there well in advance.
The wirter should have figured out well in advance that this kind of creative
jazz wasn't his cup of tea and should not have gone.

Take Bob Wilbur, for example. He may well be the last surviving "working" OKOM
musician who gigged with both Sidney Bechet and Bunk Johnson. (as well as a
whole bunch of other OKOM GIANTS) And, Evan Christopher is one who, while
already a GREAT OKOM jazz player, is destined for more of the same.

Most OKOM jazz fans, I should think, would give their eye teeth to spend four
sets in the audience listening to what Wilbur learned from Sidney and Bunk and
how Christopher is further expanding upon the lessons he has already learned.
And how they interact together in polyphonic harmony as well as solos. When
supported by a GREAT rhythm section to boot. Shane, Flanagan and Metz Jr.)

That is, of course, provided they know what the hell they are talking about.

Cheers & Hugs,

Nancy Giffin wrote:

> From: Stephen Barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net>
> [snippet]
> ...Noticed a fan letter in June's "American Rag" stating that the recent
> Atlanta Jazz Party was a waste of talent, because, among other things:
> 1. The writer didn't like the music he was "fed".
> 2. In his opinion, most jazz lovers like polyphonic harmony as in
> ensemble playing over other jazz forms.
> 3. Fine ensemble players were there, but not "utilized" properly in Tpt,
> Cl, Tb front lines.
> 4. Two sets of two guitars, (Howard Alden and Buckey Pizzarelli) was one two
> many.
> 5. Four sets of two reeds (Bob Wilbur and Evan Christopher) supported by
> Mark Shane, Phil Flanagan and Ed Metz Jr. who were about to produce a
> CD, was much too much.
> WHAT?...
> Dear Steve,
> Sounds like a typical Jazz PARTY to me. I wonder if the writer doesn't
> simply prefer a Jazz Festival to a Jazz Party.  They are similar yet as
> different as "cousins" can be, and each one appeals to a different crowd.  I
> happen to enjoy both.  The Sacto. Jubilee offers elements of both, and
> that's ideal. (Same with Dixieland Monterey, Elkhart, and Summit Jazz and
> others.)
> Too bad this person had to give it such a bad public review. The AJP has
> been around for 15 years -- successfully -- so I would assume that Phil
> Carroll knows what he's doing, regardless of what one random fan has to say.
> Love and hugs,
> Nancy

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