[Dixielandjazz] Irish Dixieland Tunes

George Thurmond gmthur at delrio.com
Sun Feb 29 21:57:55 PST 2004

        Just got back from four days out of town (during which I got to The
Landing one nite for several sets by Jim Cullum and the boys) and I see in
catching up on my e-mails that someone is looking for Irish songs to play on
St. Pat's day.  My favorite is the George Brunis version of "Inthe Shade of
the Old Apple Tree" with one of the Condon Gangs.  You know, the one that
goes "In the shade of the old apple tree, lay two Irishmen drunk as could be
****************".  I guarantee if its played and sung your crowd will want
it over and over.

Geo. Thurmond

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