[Dixielandjazz] Re: Tailgate Trombone

Mike Durham mikedurham_jazz at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 28 11:04:55 PST 2004

Actually, we are knee-deep in tailgate trombonists over here, Tony Hobson of 
the Eagle Band for instance, or Geoff Coles (great Ory/Brunies stuff), or 
Kid Tidiman, or Mike Owen, or Christine Woodcock, or Paul Munnery (when he 
takes time off from J C Higginbotham), or the WJRK's own Brian Chester, 
or............ hmmm, seems like a cull may be necessary!


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><<tailgate'  trombone style and humor
>Check out Mike Pointon on my recent Ory CD. MP3 is on my web site. Mike is
>probably the best in the UK, very fiery and hot
>John Petters
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