[Dixielandjazz] Re: Tailgate Trombone

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Sat Feb 28 04:17:50 PST 2004

Dan Augustine wrote:

<<tailgate'  trombone style and humor.  It reminds me of good ol' Freddie 
Assunto's style of playing, which i always enjoyed so much, with puckish jabs (or 
japes) at odd rhythmic points, 'smears' (the trombonical portamento, although 
called glissando by some)....is anyone playing this style much any more>>

Freddie's my all-time favorite.  I've only heard a couple come close. One is 
Charlie Bornemann who also adored Freddie--even plays an Olds Recorder 
Trombone 'cause that's what Freddie used. The other is Dick Doner of Nightbloomers 
who sounds like Freddie reincarnated every once in awhile. If you're ever at a 
Nightbloomers set, request Peoria and hear "Freddie" all over again. 

Jack Thomas

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