[Dixielandjazz] The Torch

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Fri Feb 27 14:43:10 PST 2004

Note for those considering playing this great tune. The version in my
"Dixieland FB" is from the sheet music. However, there are some differences
between the music and the way I learned it years ago, I think from a Turk
Murphy recording, that make the latter significantly more attractive. I'm
told that (Turk's, I think) pianist Bert Bailes was the one who originated
the West Coast version. 

I'd like to be able to get that version and make a lead sheet, if someone
could provide the info.


At 04:56 PM 2/27/2004 +0000, Mike Durham wrote:
>Bill, I have Harry Herschel as composer for this (from a Turk Murphy LP 
>sleeve). Great song.
From: "Bill Gunter" <jazzboard at hotmail.com>
>>A friend just phoned and wanted to know who wrote "The Torch"

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