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Both Conrad Janis, ( Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band )  and Clive Collins
( The New South Market Street Jazz Band ) can, and play tailgate trombone
when it's appropriate.

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> From: Dan Augustine <ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu>
> Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 12:16:49 -0600
> To: DJML <dixielandjazz at ml.islandnet.com>
> Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Tailgate Trombone
> OK, folks, this topic has been rattling around in my noggin like
> a festering marble in an empty clothes-dryer (not a flattering image
> of the furnishings of my mind, i grant you) ever since i told y'all
> about the Tim Laughlin CD _The Isle of Orleans_.
> There are two trombone-pickers on the CD, Rick Trolsen and Lucien
> Barbarin, and both of them are excellent.  However, i think i enjoy
> Lucien Barbarin's playing a little more because of his 'tailgate'
> trombone style and humor.  It reminds me of good ol' Freddie
> Assunto's style of playing, which i always enjoyed so much, with
> puckish jabs (or japes) at odd rhythmic points, 'smears' (the
> trombonical portamento, although called glissando by some), and
> slightly irreverent comments on the song (or the players).
> It got me to thinking, though (or what confused jumble of
> thoughts passes for it in my dryer), about the current state of
> tailgate trombonery, to which i am going to defer to the resident
> trombonists on the DJML (and elsewhere, and others), to wit: is
> anyone playing this style much any more, other than (say) Lucien
> Barbarin?  Wycliffe Gorden does this kind of style at times, and with
> incredible chops, and there are several others around the country
> doing it, but i can't think of their names right now.
> And in the past, who can we say played this style?   Kid Ory,
> certainly, and Freddie Assunto, but who else?  Would you say our
> esteemed colleague Mr. Jim Beebe played in that style (it was great,
> whatever pigeonhole we try to cram it into).  George Brunis probably,
> eh?  How about Santo Pecora and Jack Delaney (i hear echoes of
> Freddie Assunto in Delaney's playing)?  I'm surely leaving out lots
> of players here, but (!) that's why i'm asking YOU.  We don't need to
> get exhaustive here, but just the main exemplars.
> Listmate Brian Towers (himself a fine trombonist) mentioned in a
> post back in May of 2002 some players and characteristics of the
> tailgate style:
> "In so far as "what is tailgate?"  I believe it relates to the
> original traditional New Orleans style of trombone playing
> (Ory, Brunis, Archey, Palmer, Dutrey, Jim Robinson etc defined
> it) Players like Jim Snyder do it well in recent times.   Lots
> of long slurs or smears and a punchy rhythmic style.  In the
> ensemble - one foot in the rhythm section and one foot in the
> front line could be one description of the role."
> Anyway, i prowled around the web and found Lucien Barbarin's
> website (http://www.lucienbarbarin.com/index.php) and ordered a CD of
> his called "Lucien Barbarin & the Palm Court Swingsters", and it's
> fine and fun.  On his website he even has a page where he says (for a
> proper remuneration, i'm sure) he might be willing to give lessons
> (nice to see something like that).
> Keep tailgate alive!
> Dan
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