[Dixielandjazz] RE: Irish Dixieland Tunes

Mike Durham mikedurham_jazz at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 19:52:11 PST 2004

Steve - speaking as an Englishman with a Canadian father (WWII has a lot to 
answer for!) of Scots descent and a mother who is 25% French, I don't really 
care. It's a nice tune though, and the background to its composition is very 
touching. A small jewel in Canada's musical crown.....


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>Subject: Irish Dixieland Tunes
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>Ha, Ha, But then perhaps Maggie Clark, the subject of the song, was an 
>Canadian? After all, "Canadians" are typical "North Americans". A
>homogeneous mixture of all races, just like those of us in the USA. Many
>Clark's in North America are of Irish, or Scotch/Irish descent. The only
>originals in North America are the native Indians. ;-) VBG
>I also said in that post that there were tunes like "Sister Kate" (written
>by an African American, no less) "that can be sold as Irish American"
>"Maggie" fits well within that category as does "Peg O My Heart", whether
>either, or neither are Irish. No? ;-)
>And, the audience that Kurt is playing for will be like Maggie, or Peg,
>Irish Americans who will relate to both tunes.
>Steve Barbone
>Mike Durham wrote:
> > When You And I Were Young Maggie -Irish, Steve? No way - written by a
> > Canadian, no less. Let's not steal one of their few big hits!
> >
> > mike

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