[Dixielandjazz] Mardi Gras Notes From Philadelphia/Wilmington

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 25 11:59:57 PST 2004

Just a follow up on Barbone Street Mardi Gras sessions:

We had four band versions working at 4 locations of The Iron Hill
Brewery locations in Wilmington DE, Newark DE, Media PA and West Chester
PA. All 3 hours starting at 6 PM. For the dinner crowd and early evening

The "A" band worked at the West Chester location. We worried before hand
because Maynard Ferguson's Big band was gigging nearby, at the same
time. Also right across the street from Iron Hill, is Kildare's, an
Irish Theme Pub which had a zydeco band and heavily promoted to the
young set. Offering $2 shots, $4 Double Martinis, and a host of Irish
Beers etc. We wondered if we would get a good crowd.

A needless worry, it turned out. We had a packed house, over 250 people,
with 80 % young folks (21 to 40) and they loved the music. Talking with
the kids, turned out many grew up in families where their parents were
OKOM fans and played the music via records etc. Lots of dancing, lots of
beads, lots of fun. And CD sales to kids. Plus, we out drew Kildare's.
Good music won out over cheap booze in this college town.

Once again, we came away firmly believing that OKOM is quite viable with
the younger set. Reports from the other locations were similar. Tex
Wyndham's Red Lions, The last Chance Jazz Band, and the Showboat Casino
Jazz Band all had similar results (operating as Barbone Street) at their
Brewpub locations in the area. Frank Mesich, who played trombone with
the Red Lions that night sold about 10 Buck Creek CDs/tapes so he was
quite happy also.

Let The Good Times Roll.

Steve Barbone

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