[Dixielandjazz] Three questions

Wim Mossel w.p.mossel at wanadoo.nl
Tue Feb 24 11:09:54 PST 2004

Dear list mates,
Has anybody an answer to the following questions:
1. The song Hindustan is composed according to my information by Oliver 
Wallace and Harold Weeks. Did they compose the music and the lyrics 
together or is one of them the composer of the music and the other the 
composer of the lyrics?
2. The song That Dada Strain is composed according to my information by 
Edgar Dowell and Mamie Medina. Does anyone know the name of the publisher 
of the music if there is any?
3 The same question for Where Did You Stay Last Night? composed by Louis 
Armstrong and Lil Hardin.

Kind regards, Vriendelijke groet, Grüße
Wim Mossel

Tenor guitar player of  The Autoreverse Jazz Orchestra

a.k.a. w.p.mossel at wanadoo.nl

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