[Dixielandjazz] controlling unwanted offers

Thu Feb 19 13:31:09 PST 2004

I have become virtually spam-free, unintentionally!  A few months ago I
changed my ISP from Earthlink to Peoplepc, primarily because Peoplepc cost
about half as much per month.  Suddenly I was no longer on the hundreds of
spam lists that had accumulated my name over many years with Earthlink!
Incidentally, when I called to cancel my Earthlink contract, the girl asked
why I was changing.  I told her to save money, and she divulged that
Earthlink had bought Peoplepc!  Service has been great, and no spam, except

Probably any change of ISP would accomplish the same thing.

Bill Horton
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> Bill Gunter with his characteristic forbearance to all men said :
> "I will gladly put up with a few unwanted messages which I can easily
>  so that I can communicate with others without having to run some sort of
>  legal techno maze"
> Without exaggeration I would say that 80%, maybe more, of the email
> correspondence I receive each day is spam. There appears to be nothing I
> do to stop all this maddening garbage, if I had my way I would put the
> culprits against a wall and shoot the lot of them.
> John Farrell
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