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>   Hi everyone.
> I have a question for you..When we the band start performing we get excited 
> and want to keep the tempo up beat ,fast and driving
> BUT then we don't have the dancers out on the dance floor..
> What is the best tempo to keep so we have a full dance floor 100% of the 
> time.
> Thanks
> Berl Howell
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Hello Berl:

If the place you are performing is serving and depending upon the sales of 
beverages and or food you don't want the floor full all the time, let em eat and 
drink so the place makes some money and can keep paying you to perform.

Otherwise just have a dance in the local church social hall charge admission 
and let em dance all day or night.   Whether we like it or not it costs money 
to have fun just like everything else money makes the world go round and round 
and round just like the dancers on the floor. :))


Tom Wiggins

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