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As a drummer and bandleader, I have found the following tempo guidelines
work well for dancers.  Play them to fast or too slow and, believe me, you
will hear about it.

Quickstep = 200-208 beats per minute

Waltz = 84-90 beats per minute

Tango = 128-132 beats per minute

Foxtrot = 112-120 beats per minute

Cha Cha = 128-128 beats per minute

Jive = 176-176 beats per minute

East Coast Swing = 136-144 beats per minute

I hope this helps.


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    Hi everyone.
I have a question for you..When we the band start performing we get excited
and want to keep the tempo up beat ,fast and driving
BUT then we don't have the dancers out on the dance floor..
What is the best tempo to keep so we have a full dance floor 100% of the
Berl Howell
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