[Dixielandjazz] DJML

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald at calweb.com
Wed Feb 18 07:01:36 PST 2004

I will be out of town until Feb 29.  If anyone has trouble with DJML, please
contact the ASST. DJML Moderator Dave Haupt, e-mail in the cc: box.

I'll be playing with the Fulton Street Jazz Band at the Pismo Beach Mardi
Gras, Feb 27-29.  Hope to see some Listmates there.  Please make yourself
known to me.

mr.wonderful at ringwald.com
Placerville, CA, USA, Earth, Sol's System, Milky Way
Amateur (ham) Radio Station K6YBV
Fulton Street Jazz Band
See: http://www.ringwald.com
Boondockers Jazz & Comedy Band
See: http://www.theboondockers.com

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