[Dixielandjazz] Computer adided Music writing and arranging needs

Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Mon Feb 16 15:47:32 PST 2004

I just started using Sibelius and really like it, 
but am very new to that particular program. I just jumped whole-hog
into the job of trying to arrange trad music with it. -- So I really can't
talk the Sibelius lingo yet (see below)

 I would like
to find some acceptable jazz drum patterns. The ones that come with
it are mostly rock, rap etc and the 2 swing ones are heavy handed and
boring as hell. Further, does anyone have some arranging "setup files"
like instrument setups etc. or "plugins" for arranging that are more
suitable for Trad, dixie etc. groups -- that you like better than
what comes with Sibelius?

If you have some of these and would be willing to share please
let me know.

You can answer directly to civanj at adelphia.net.

Craig Johnson

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