[Dixielandjazz] keeping track on measures in a song /A differentconfusing pattern.

Bill Biffle bbiffle at swcp.com
Sat Feb 14 08:25:27 PST 2004

Isn't "In The Wee Small Hours" like this?  No bridge, two 16 bar phrases
just alike except for the last measure or so?

Bill Biffle

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> It's a small world.....I played "I Wished On The Moon" with Jeff Barnhart
> a concert ("Drop Me Off At Harlem") we held last September here in
> Newcastle, England. Lovely tune, with a rather touching lyric by Dorothy
> Parker of all people.... and yes, you have to watch that bit in the
> Mike.
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> >Hi listmates, and all you cousin's. Back on line again.
> >Last month at the Decatur Jazz fest', a small impromtu jam set took
> >place with `Jeff Barnhart, myself, Brian Casserly, Randy Morris, Dan
> >Coots, and others. I called out the ballad "I Wished On The Moon". One
> >of a bunch of songs that is divided into two 16 bar patterns. If one is
> >not careful, the last 16 and the first 16 can be mistaken for one 16
> >measure chorus instead of 2 patterns of 16, disregarding the turnaround.
> >( The first having a turnaround into the 2nd 16 bar pattern which
> >ultimately resolves itself at the end.) If someone isn't familiar with
> >the tune it can easily resolve into just a 16 bar chorus, instead of the
> >full 32 bars. For one familiar with a song of this ilk, it becomes quite
> >frustrating to not be able to play the full 32 bars. And also a boring
> >16 bar jam song.
> >         It's somewhat like someone chopping up Darktown Strutters Ball.
> >Editing, after playing the first four bars, to bar 13.and taking it to
> >the end. And I've seen that happen at very loose "four sheets to the
> >wind" jam sessions. But then, DSB is a 20 bar tune. (ugh!)
> >         Anybody have any more nightmarish' example's such as these?
> >Hmmmmm..... Just how many legitimate measures ARE there in Artie Shaws;
> >"Nightmare"? (I used to endlessly play that for strippers.)
> >
> >(Music content; "I Had The Craziest Dream" )
> >
> >"Uncle" Paul Reid
> >
> >
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