[Dixielandjazz] keeping track on measures in a song /A different confusing pattern.

Paul Reid whadayesay at webtv.net
Thu Feb 12 11:19:11 PST 2004

Hi listmates, and all you cousin's. Back on line again. 
Last month at the Decatur Jazz fest', a small impromtu jam set took
place with `Jeff Barnhart, myself, Brian Casserly, Randy Morris, Dan
Coots, and others. I called out the ballad "I Wished On The Moon". One
of a bunch of songs that is divided into two 16 bar patterns. If one is
not careful, the last 16 and the first 16 can be mistaken for one 16
measure chorus instead of 2 patterns of 16, disregarding the turnaround.
( The first having a turnaround into the 2nd 16 bar pattern which
ultimately resolves itself at the end.) If someone isn't familiar with
the tune it can easily resolve into just a 16 bar chorus, instead of the
full 32 bars. For one familiar with a song of this ilk, it becomes quite
frustrating to not be able to play the full 32 bars. And also a boring
16 bar jam song. 
        It's somewhat like someone chopping up Darktown Strutters Ball.
Editing, after playing the first four bars, to bar 13.and taking it to
the end. And I've seen that happen at very loose "four sheets to the
wind" jam sessions. But then, DSB is a 20 bar tune. (ugh!)
        Anybody have any more nightmarish' example's such as these?
Hmmmmm..... Just how many legitimate measures ARE there in Artie Shaws;
"Nightmare"? (I used to endlessly play that for strippers.)

(Music content; "I Had The Craziest Dream" )

"Uncle" Paul Reid

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