[Dixielandjazz] Transfer (by computer) of Vinyl or shellacrecordsto CD.

Stan Brager sbrager at socal.rr.com
Fri Feb 13 14:26:58 PST 2004

Thanks for pointing out this program, I'll give it a try. In the meantime, I
noticed that the website said that there is a 31 days free trial. After
that, you must register the program and the cost to register is $15.

Unless, of course, the program doesn't check for the 31 days. In which case,
it's a matter of conscience.


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Hi all,

Here's a really easy little utility called Cd wave editor for splitting
those big tracks. It's free!


Richard Stevens

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I usually record an entire LP side and break it up using Cool Edit. It easy
to do and you can easily verify where a cut ends. Here's my procedure:

1) record using Cool Edit.
2) when recording is complete, save the file. Just in case there's a
3) When you look at the resulting waveform, it looks solid. What you must do
is to zoom in so that you can see where the spaces between cuts are. The
Zoom To Center button is in the lower left side of the Cool Edit display. It
has a plus + sign on it. Press it once and you zoom in. Press it again and
the waveform is zoomed more.
3) select the first cut.
4) under the Edit menu, click on "copy to new" and the selected cut will be
copied to a new waveform
5) Save the new waveform and, then edit the new waveform until you're
satisfied and save it.
6) return to the original waveform - the same cut should still be selected.
7) delete the selected portion by pressing on the button above the
waveform - it looks like a written letter "e". Optionally, you can save this
wave form.
8) repeat until all the cuts are separated.

I've tried software to do this auto-magically but have always had the same
problems you mentioned.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stan Brager

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recordsto CD.

> I've done some of this, but one problem seems to make it
> more manual than I'd like. That is the problem of leaving the
> (LP) record playing into the computer and separating the tunes
> into separate files. The software I've used misses some gaps and
> adds others where they don't belong. I'd prefer software that does
> this while recording, but even the ones that allow you to detect the
> gaps in one long file end up being too manual as well.
> Who has a good technique for doing this? If the answer is too detailed,
> please answer me offline at civanj at adelphia.net.
> Even hints on how to make "Cool Edit", or similar programs
>  do this better would be helpful Also, I use a PC, but answers
> pertaining to "Mac" computers would also be welcom.
> -----------------------
> On the positive side, I've had pretty decent luck cleaning them up
> AFTER I get them in -- enhancing the quality by eliminating some(!)
> background noise and scratches and clicks using "Cool Edit".
> I'm not one who thinks that the more authentic sound replicating the
> scratches and clicks of the old records -- makes them more enjoyable
> -- but that's a personal thing. Some folks  and some programs
> (Cool Edit option, for instance) actually ADD them to new recordings.
> Oh well.......
> Regards,
> Craig Johnson

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