[Dixielandjazz] Mardi Gras season

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> Garry will be embarrassed when he learns that I published this, but I feel 
> privileged to be able to work with him. 
> I hope the music business is improving for you all.

Probably not Joe:

You can take the musician out of the business, but you can't  take the music 
out of the musician, it is what we do and we have to do it, over and over and 
over again.

Garry is probably having a lot of low key fun right now and enjoying a nice 
retirement still doing what he wants when he wants, the mark of a True 
Professional Musician, and obviously he has no problem giving something back to an 
industry that treated him well.
"We only go through life Once, Once is enough if we do it Right."

Cheers, to you and Garry  I wish you all the ability to play and entertain 
folks till you can't do it anymore, and make sure they pack your instrument into 
the box when you leave us for the big jam session in the sky.  :)


Tom Wiggins

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