[Dixielandjazz] Mardi Gras in Spain

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Thu Feb 12 18:22:16 PST 2004

It's called Carnavales here!  It was illegal during the Franco period
(no masks every allowed!), and is just barely back now.  Mainly a thing
for kids to dress up and parade through the streets with their parents
looking on.

There was a wave of concerts set up by local city halls when democracy
first came about, and we were part of those.  However, since then, a few
managers have got their fingers into the pot, and if you're not part of
their crowd....ya don't get invited to the party!  These days, it's
mostly costly, foreign big names in pop/rock that give concerts during
the period.  

Besides, we've got 13 nights in local clubs already booked in March, so
no problem.  :>


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