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Go to Google.com
Type in "Rico Vallese"
--- with the double quotes as above.
Should answer some of your questions.
Don Ingle,of tgus list,
 I notice, has a post in the first thing that came up.

Thanks for bringing another cornet player to my attention.

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"I am seeking information about Rico Vallese, a cornet/trumpet player who
came from Providence, RI, but who lived and worked on the West Coast. Did
anybody out there know him, or work with him etc.? The only examples of his
playing that I have heard were the sides made by "LaVere's Chicago Loopers"
for the Jump label 2/21/50. but he apparently recorded with Joe Alexander
6/2/47, Kid Ory 2/20/54 (recorded at the "Hangover Club"), and "the
Okeefenokee Jug Band"November 1954.I have a notation that at some point he
worked with Bud Freeman,Ben Pollack, and Rosy Mc Hargue, but did not make a
note of where I got this information from.
Here's hoping."

Dear George,

My father was Charlie LaVere.  He told me that Rico was brought to the
session by Jump Record label owner, Clive Acker, who loved his playing.  My
dad loved his playing very much as well, but I don't believe they ever saw
each other before or after that session.  My father took the evening train
in 1983.  It sure doesn't seem like more than 20 years ago.

Regarding your mention of Joe Alexander, surely those are the red label
Americana Capitol sides.  Check the Mosaic box set of Capitol Jazz

I am unaware of on what label the Ory sides would have been issued.  Good
Time Jazz?

The Okeefenokee Jug Band recordings must have been issued by Gene Norman on
Dixieland Jubilee or Gene Norman Presents.  I think Gene's the only one who
ever recorded it.

Lastly, here, not long ago, I located a vanity lp of some sort recorded by a
small working band on which Rico was a member, but I am unable to provide
the details to you at this time as my records are in storage for a short
time.  However, I wanted to write to you in an effort to make contact with
you so that when my records again see the light of day, that I will remember
to write to you about this.

If I don't follow this up in a couple of months, write me and remind me,
that is, if it is still important to you to know more.

All the best,

Steve LaVere
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