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The Future of Entertainment is You.

As you know, the entertainment industries have been experiencing a radical 
shift in the way business is done. BMG is being buying SONY, EMI Records is up 
for grabs, One large company controls over 1500 radio stations, and the motion 
picture industry is about to experience what the music industry has been going 

We have come to a time in the entertainment worlds where transformation is 
happening on a daily basis. Like it or not,  our dreams are going to change, the 
methods of distribution are going to change, and the way of thinking is going 
to change.
Whether you like it or not,our dreams are going to change, the methods of 
distribution are going to change, and the way of thinking is going to change.

So we've decided to put together a group of about one thousand like minded 
people---committed to artistic integrity--and helping artists and industry 
further their careers.
You're invited to create your future at
The Third Annual Global Entertainment and Media Summit

New York City:  April 2-3  Los Angeles: June 12-13\

( Feel free to pass this on to a friend or associate!) 
Over forty thought provoking and promotionally productive seminars, panels, 
workshops and clinics dedicated to your advancement including:

Entertainment Outside of the Box: Self Reliance  without the need to depend 
on majors 
Building a strong and effective Team.    
Become a multimedia Artist 
Becoming a strong independent 
Record Deals? Who needs a record deal? 
Independence---taking your vision and making it a  reality..... 
Going for the brass ring 
DV or Not DV 
Creative promotion and public relations   
Cutting through the clutter 
The Record Company of the Future 
Who Has the Control? YOU or the Industry? 
Producers on Artist Development 
New and emerging opportunitiesd 
Effective Public Relations 
24P and HD 
The Artists Panel 
Financial Strategies 
Music Publishing for the next millenium 
Placing  music in film and television 
Redefining Success 
New Opportunities in New Media and Multimedia 
The Artist as a Multimedia Artist 
The Musicians Union Presents:   
The Screen Actors Guild Presents 
Producers Guild of America Presents 
Legal Clinic 
New Opportunities for distribution   
Bring your CD's, DVD's, Bios, Resumes, and plenty of business cards.    Plan 
to network like crazy.
For New York City: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=53022  
For Los Angeles:  
 http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=60165 <FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" BACK="#ffffff" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=12 FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE 

The Global Entertainment and Media Summit is sponsored by 
Music Connection, Disc Makers, The American Federation of Musicians, AFTRA, 
BMI, Insite Interactive, Production Hub, The Producers Guild, Association of 
Independent Feature Film Producers, Perlinski Design, NY411, LA411, Hollywood 
Creative Directory,Music Business Registry, Starpolish, Same Day Flyers, Label 
Services Network, Laughing Buddha Recording,What is Enlightenment Magazine, 
 City Canyons Records, Sonic Bids, New York Final Cut Pro Users Group, The Indie 
Contact Bible, Angel Eyes Productions, Talent Match, Talent Clearing House 
 and The Recording Academy.

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