[Dixielandjazz] roaring 20's tunes

Stan Brager sbrager at socal.rr.com
Wed Feb 4 22:42:59 PST 2004

You can also use the FREE Winamp player if you wish to listen.


Stan Brager

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> Great find, Tito. The audio quality is several times better than on
> www.redhotjazz.com, since the files are downloadable rather than steaming
media. I
> couldn't find a an ogg plug-in for WMP but there is one (which I
downloaded for
> Total Recorder) The latter is a great and low-cost recording-playing
> available for about $12 from www.highcriteria.com
> Arnie
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> tmartino at terra.com.br writes:
> Hi Listmates
> I just discovered this site :
> http://nfo.net/ogg.htm
> Where you can download dozens of interesting tunes from the 20's, in the
> new format .ogg, compatible with Winamp, in a very good sound quality.
> You'll find marvellous original recordings of J.R. Europe, Memphis 5,
> Red Nichols, Johnny Dodds, rare Duke Ellington from a Durium paper disc,
> Van Epps, Erskine Tate, McKinney Cotton Pickers, Eubie Blake, etc. etc.
> All dead!!! But still swinging more than some live wannabes!!!  ;-)  VBG
> Enjoy.
> Tito

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