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Wed Feb 4 13:03:25 PST 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen of Real Jazz:

Us sitting around cursing under our breath about the nonexistence of OKOM in 
the Education System can only be remedied in one way.

If we truly want Traditional Jazz to be popular once again we must all Join 
every Jazz Organization we can find and participate in the voting and election 
of it's officers to represent the music and our portion of the industry.

The IAJE has been run by the Coltrane wannabes for many years, primarily 
because many of the folks on this list I suppose who were once teachers abandoned 
their post and or retired, leaving a new generation much distanced from OKOM 
and Traditional Jazz to teach the later generations what and how they wanted.

Therefore most of the current Jazz musicians have little or no experience 
much less knowledge about playing Traditional Jazz.  To them Traditional Jazz is 
very simple:

In the Beginning there was John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman and we got Jazz 
man," Louis Who?  Bix Who?  Bichet who?  We have generations of players who 
have no idea who these folks are or care.  Many of them actually think they are 
playing Jazz.

Yesterday Kurt posted a blurb from the IAJE stating that they would like to 
embrace Traditional Jazz, but very few if any OKOM or Jazz folks bother to 

We can''t win the Lottery Folks if we don't Buy a Ticket.  (except in Holland 
of Course).

Life is a road of continuing education, and if you think you have already 
learned all there is to know about how to be a jazz musician and are entitled to 
make a living from doing it, then you too have sadly been miss-educated.

The IAJE boys are the voice of Jazz today whether we like it or not, and if 
we want change we need to join their ranks and fight for it from within, just 
like governments if you don't vote and be part of the process you sure as Hell 
can't change anything or remove folks who don't do it correctly, or represent 
only their circle of friends and constituents.

The IAJE folks are deeply ensconced into many major Jazz Festivals all over 
the world and influence Jazz record labels, mainstream Jazz Radio if you want 
to play out there in the BIG REAL World you have to get off your butts and go 
buy a uniform or pertinent hat and get in the game and be counted as a player 
of more than your instrument.  That never has been enough and never will be.

Playing three hours of music a night to make a living will take you about 8 
hours a day to get the gigs if your lucky, so you have to get out of the house 
and go where the players go hang with the right folks and schmooze, with your 
eyes and ears open to stay on top of what is happening in the business if you 
want to be a real player and successful.

You may not like the kind of Jazz that is being offered and played today, but 
if you don't go try to get into the same circles you sure can't change it or 
expand OKOM.

I know you get tired of hearing this same message over and over and over from 
guys like Me and Steve Barbone and John Petters, but if you don't take these 
many years of experience and the free advice that comes form it from guys who 
are really trying to help all of you by sharing our experiences on this list, 
then perhaps your just not serious about your career or really don't want one. 
 There is no other way but lot's of Hard Work for about fifteen years and 
then you wake up one day and realize you are an overnight success.

I started about 1961 and finally in 1997 realized I was an over night 
success, I am enjoying it as are many others who stuck with it and became who they 
wanted to be in this business.

"I am funny, I am smart, I am lovable, I am studious, I am friendly, I am 
helpful, I am brave, I am courteous, I am respectable entertainer, I am a good 
bandleader, I was a good boy scout, (till I got kicked out, but that's for 
another story) (no not for being gay), and doggone it people like me." ...  Al 
Franken... Sat. Night Live.


Tom Wiggins

It's high time we joined and taught the teachers how to do it again.  They 
have been left to their own devices and are teaching each other everything they 
know and their students as well, which is simply NOT enough to continue to 
make Jazz and the World Go round.

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