[Dixielandjazz] Re: Members Bailing Out of DJML

Bill Gunter jazzboard at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 17:27:19 PST 2004

George writes:

>             Having met and talked with Jim Maihack on a couple of 
>its hard for me to imagine him getting upset enough to drop off the List,
>over an argument on a horserace call.  They should have got Don Engle to
>mediate the dispute.

Right! Jim Maihack didn't drop off because of a silly thing like that. Jim, 
being smarter than most of us, realized that there are only so many hours in 
a day. He is a professional musician and is in great demand. As a matter of 
fact, I'd be willing to bet that Jim is in the top 3 percent of musicians in 
terms of the number of gigs he plays per annum. He's in at least three bands 
that I know of and subs in practically every band withing communiting 
distance! That's because he not only plays virtually every instrument in the 
arsenal, he plays them really well.

Jim is one busy musician!

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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