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Michel Miconnet michelmiconnet.djml at free.fr
Wed Feb 4 01:05:23 PST 2004

Mike Durham a écrit :
> Salut, Michel! Thanks for the translations, but what is the origin of 
> the Bechet tune "La Canne et le Fosseneur"? Or is it really two tunes? 
> Lovely music, but did Bechet really write it??
> Mike.


I don't know this tunes. I sought among the list proposed by
Philippe Baudoin (a French specialist, pianist, teacher and
researcher) and I didn't find anything.

However, about these titles I think to two songs of Georges
Brassens: 'La cane de Jeanne' (Jeanne's duck) and 'Le fossoyeur'
(the grave-digger). I don't think that Bechet played them.
(I have MIDI/Karaoke files for these songs)

I can't say more.

Amitiés à tous !

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