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> So bring on every type of OKOM - one is not better than the rest, it just
> appeals to different preferences.  But, if a band wants to thrive and expand
> its appeal, it must be attuned to the audience reaction and what works and
> what doesn't...take some risks and expand your style, song list, and
> arrangements.  (Nothing says you have to play a song with the same tempo,
> key, solo patterns, and coloration every time...)
> Give me the musicians whose music is alive, whether they are currently
> performing or not or never will again....
> Tim Eldred
> Roseville, CA
Dead on Tim:

Music is just like Burger King: When you play it you can "HAVE IT YOUR WAY".

Don't think for one-second that Louis gave a damned how Oliver played it, or 
Bix cared how Louis Played it, Teagarden cared how Dorsey played it, or any 
other of the legends who played it "Their Way" which impressed enough folks to 
still have us listening and talking about it today.  It was All about change 
and new sounds and new Players waiting to be discovered, and nothing has changed 
folks except the players and their interpretations and improvisations.  It's 
OK to have favorites, but don't diss everything else as bad just because your 
into Clarinet players and your neighbors are into Trombones, etc.

I play Traditional Jazz, Blues and Gospel and I don't really give a Damned 
how anybody else played them or plays them today, this is how I hear and 
interpret them and some of you will love it and some of you will hate it and others 
will learn to tolerate it if you give it enough attention and listen with an 
open mind.  Might not be your particular cup of Tea but that's why they make and 
sell so many different varieties of Tea folks.  Some folks like it with 
sugar, some with lemon, some with ice and some like it hot, and some even like it 
all ways, while a few have been known to have whiskey in their tea cup and no 
tea at all.:))

To those who can't accept change and evolution I propose that perhaps you may 
very well be musically DEAD and will be happy to play for your Traditional 
New Orleans Funeral.


Tom Wiggins

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