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> I'll just offer one simple observation:
> Dead men play no jazz. Those records you all are jabbering so much about
> were made by real live musicians. Their music reflects their vitality. The
> bad news is that these records are all we have now. The good news is that we
> *do* have them.
> Paul Edgerton,
> Who listens not only to the dead musicians, but also the living ones.
ME too Paul:

And those little voices tell me what songs to play too.

Just last night Louis told me to play what a Wonderful World like he and 
Kenny G. Played it cause it sold more copies and he is getting bigger royalty 
checks these days.  He also said to tell Kenny Hi and Thanks when we see him 
again. :))

Musical content:

They're coming to take me Away Ha ha , They're coming to take me away!  Bb


Tom Wiggins

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