[Dixielandjazz] Hamming Up Our National Anthem

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Just think how boring music would be if every performer performed every note
of every song exactly as the composer wrote it.  There would be no jazz.
The improvisation and, dare I say it, liberties musicians take with music is
what makes it creative, fun to play and to listen too as well.

I agree the National Anthem is OUR song.  America is also the land of the
free, so I guess when someone sings it they have the freedom to put their
own "creative" angle on it.

I have heard some versions that absolutely blew me away for way the
performer presented it.  Remember Whitney Huston's version a couple of years
ago?  It was so highly regarded it was released as a single CD shortly
afterwards.  There was also a solo trumpet version I remember from a
national sporting event a couple of years ago.  Maybe it was the Atlanta
Olympics or a World Series game, not sure which.  It was very simple and

I can't stand it when a performer draaaaaaaaaggggggssss
ooooooouuuuuuuutttttttt eeeeeevvvvveeeeeerrrryyyy  wwwwwooooooorrrrrdddd and
a 60 second song takes five minutes.

The worst version ever has to be when Roseanne Barr chewed gum as she "sang"
it and grabbed her crotch afterwards.  She caught a lot of heat for it.

Kurt "Oh Say Can You See" Bowermaster

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            Sorry to repeat myself Listmates, but I gotta say it one more
time.  Why do the producers and networks putting on U.S. sporting events of
wide interest and televised around the globe allow performers to "ham up"
The Star Spangled Banner.  It happened yesterday at the ball game, as it has
happened at the fall World Series, the spring NBA finals, etc., and  will
continue to happen, I'm sure..

            "Hamming it up" means emoting too broadly, over dramatizing, and
using overlytheatrical airs and actions.

            The gal that "sang" the anthem yesterday, Beyonce I believe is
her name, has a great voice for sure, but the anthem is not her song but is
our song, and is not to be hammed up and showboated in such manner.

            Tommy Loy, I sure do miss you and your trumpet playing the notes
as written.

George "Getting it off my chest" Thurmond

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