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Thanks for the website review info.  It will help sales.


Also, this is a reminder to any band leaders and solo artists on DJML who
own the sales rights to their CD recordings to contact me off list to get
details about my CD Sales promotion.  I may be able to help you make some

This "little experiment" of mine to expand the CD offerings at my concerts
souvenir area is really taking off.  I have heard from more than 25 OKOM
band leaders from DJML that are consigning me their CDs.  Even great bands
from Australia, England, Hungary, Sweden and other parts of the globe are

I have also been contacted by a regional OKOM festival that would like me to
take the CDs on the road to their event.  If you have a jazz concert,
festival or other event anywhere in the Midwest that you would like to have
me bring a wide selection of OKOM CDs, let me know off list.  I will make a
donation from every sale to benefit your organization.

Let me know off list if you want to participate...


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Hope to have a F2F for a drink/meal when you hit Sydney, when you said "I
am going walkabout myself" did you mean you were travelling alone?
(all forms of publicity/notoriety are good PR)
As proved by Steve's Dixieland Site CD sales technique with Edinburgh
colleague Bill Salmond actually buying one (a Scottish first - most
musicians actually only swap their CDs but I dare not ask Steve).

Trying to immediately capitalise on this, please visit
euroclubdejazz.com/corepage.htm then click Album Reviews
then click Zenith (Mike Cook - Zenith Live 5 Star Resorts)to read that you
will snap up our latest disc quicker than a hungry alligator - There's no
ploding 'stodge' here - if I had my way I'd make these two records
compulsory listening.
(Kurt - this should hopfully assist sales for you as well, there is much
more with track to drool over, and no wonder they called the disc Running
Wild - it's wild most of the way through and what a track listing).  I
think that's enough for now don't you - OKOM is alive and well. Cheers, Tom

>Have a great trip Pat.
>PJ Ladd wrote:
>> <tis indeed a world turned upside down.>
>> Fascinating article Steve.
>> I had no idea that I was opening such a can of worms when I innocently
>> what listers thought about tweaking performances. I must say that I am a
>> little disappointed that the majority seem to condone what I consider a
>> pernicous practice.
>> Enough of all this. I am going `walkabout ` myself in about a week
>> in Singapore and ending in Washington via Penang, Oz, NZ, Bora Bora, LA,
>> Vegas so I shall be out of circulation for a couple of months.
>> As soon as I can figure out how to get unsubscribed there will be a
>> cessation of traffic from this station so if anyone has anything of
>> importance to pass on it will have to be in the next few days.
>> Cheers
>> Pat
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