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to which Allan replied
> > It doesn't
> > mean you have to play their way, but a good player can learn from Parker,
> > Bechet, Armstrong, Coltrane, et al. >If you can't see what you can learn
> you
> > shouldn't be trying to play in OKOM in the first place.
> Here I do disagree. I have met many young musicians who have filled their
> ears with Bird or Trane etc and ignored the roots. One young player told me
> there was no point in listening to anything before Benny Goodman. 
Ok guys, First off this cut & paste busines makes it hard to find out who's 
saying what. However, whoever wrote this missed my point completely. These 
kids, in my opinion , are just as bad as the trad guys who ignore Parker. I 
reiterate. If you can't learn from other good players, you have no business playing 
OKOM in the first place. This means from Dodds to Daniels, from Armstrong to 
Sandavol, from Trumbauer to Woods, from Jelly to Jarrett, etc. If the cat plays 
good, listen! You're bound to learn something.
Allan Vache' 

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