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I heartily agree with Jazzjerry's comments.


Norrie Thomson
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> Steve,
> The cutting and pasting that is going on in this series of messages is
> getting more and more confusing so I do not intend to even try to chop any
> bits out of your last retort apart from one short paragraph which I just
> understand which is:-
> "What pretentious rubbish, to coin your favorite phrase. Some folks get
> one year's worth of experience 40 times in 40 years and others may get
> 40 years. Based on your absurd remarks about Charlie Parker, it is
> obvious that you are among the former."
>  Both you and I are perfectly entitled to have opinions on all sorts of
> issues and I'm sure that they will differ on many subjects not just music.
> presume that you might agree any opinion on a subject will be based on
> and knowledge of that subject be it music, politics, food, or even dress
> In your opinion my remarks about Charlie Parker were absurd but on what do
> base that opinion? It was simply an opinion on my part with which you
> I will restate the simple opinion that Parker was overrated and the
> note-by-note study of everything that he recorded strikes me as just
bizarre. That is
> my opinion and I am entitled to it as it is formulated based on my
> and listening to jazz over the past forty years. You are entitled to
> with me based on your own experience of the music but you are not entitled
> slag me off.
> Having read your posts to the DJML over the years since you came on board
> have noticed that you always seem very ready to express an opinion on a
> range of subjects which have come up but also very ready to belittle
anyone who
> dares to express an opinion which is at variance to yours. Before you rush
> attack me for this opinion of your posts might I state that I do not
> myself an expert on every DJML message but base my remarks on a general
> impression which I am perfectly entitled to do.
> There are also many issues upon which I have not expressed an opinion. For
> example I have both listened to your band's CD which you kindly sent me
and also
> did view a video of one BSJB live performance but have never expressed any
> opinion on the competence or otherwise of the band and whilst I have an
> about what I have seen and heard I shall not be expressing it on the DJML.
> Recently what really got up my nose was your remark which included the
> 'awful British Trad' and 'couple of good bands' albeit with a smiley. This
> comment seemed to me to be casting an unnecessary slur on a very large
number of
> excellent British jazz players and I would query upon what you base the
> opinion that there have only been a 'couple of good bands'. Presumably
listening to
> them because I can't think of any other way that you could arrive at such
> opinion.
> Finally I will state that I found your remark "do you have Alzheimer's?
> neither funny or in very good taste and certainly do not think that such
> tasteless use of such a serious and sad illness helps your argument in any
> whatsoever.
> Cheers,
> Jerry
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