[Dixielandjazz] OKOM in San Francisco

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Fri Dec 31 16:33:12 PST 2004

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tubaman at batnet.com writes:

> Will you be in San Francisco proper or in some other part of the Bay 
> >Area? If you can get over to Oakland, Yoshi's in having the Big Belly 
> >Blues Band on Monday  http://www.bigbellyblues.com - probably not 
> >exactly OKOM.

Actually Dave, I know these guys and a couple of my Saint Gabriel's guys 
occasionally play with the band and they play a lot of Jazz as well as Blues, some 
of it is definitely OKOM unless you prefer simply straight ahead Dixieland.

These guys play Traditional Jazz, bebop, Blues, and usually have a decent 
female vocalist or two, and are quite enjoyable.  Certainly will be the best 
thing happening in Oakland on almost any Monday Night.

I might even go hang out and see them myself.

Cheers and a Happy Healthy New Year to all.

Tom Wiggins

Staying in and sitting by the Fire tonight while the youngsters go out and 
brave the Rain and wind and Drunk Driving checkpoints.  They have one on the 
road coming to my house every major holiday and there is no other way to get into 
my neighborhood except through it.   

So if any of you are planning on stopping off at my house for cup of cheer, 
you better get here early, and plan to spend the night, off to put another log 
on the fire.

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