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Fri Dec 31 09:12:08 PST 2004

Hi listees,

Steve Barbone reports a dialogue:

>SHAW: "He kept insisting on asking me about other clarinet players. What 
>I think of this guy? How did I evaluate that guy. On and on and on. Finally
>I said 'Come on Benny, quit it. You're too hung up on the goddam clarinet."
>GOODMAN: "But that's what we play isn't it?"
>SHAW: "No, I'm trying to play music. Well that seemed like a brand-new
>thought to him and for a moment I thought I saw a light bulb flicker; but
>before you knew it, we were back to the clarinet."

This comes under the heading of "cheap shot."

The word "play" as used by Goodman refered to the instrument.

The word "play" as used by Shaw referred to music.

Goodman's use was inclusive (I play clarinet, you play clarinet).

Shaw's use was exclusive (I try to play music, you apparently don't)

Give me a break - These semantic games clarify nothing unless you understand 
the rules of the game. - Semantic games are exercises in "one-upmanship"

In this exchange (between Goodman and Shaw) It's my contention that Shaw was 
not a "deeper, more philosophic thinker" . . . he was, instead, a jerk!

Other than that, Shaw was a brilliant clarinetist and a colorful character 
as was Goodman. I love 'em both.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "I play washboard" Gunter

ps: the word "play" in my middle name is used in the sense of "a 
recreational activity with a lack of serious intent"


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