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> (  Ask me sometime about how Little 
> Jazz was fired and replaced by Hot Lips...one of many stories he told that 
> day.)
OK Al,

  One of us youngsters are asking, why oh why must we always ask? From you 
guys who were blessed with such experiences in life that we missed, how else can 
you guys expect us kids to learn?  :))

Please spill your guts man that is what this list is or should be about, 
sharing great stories and history that may have been forgotten or even never 
learned by many coming after some of you fellas and gals that are older than us 

What is worse is how the heck can we teach the ones coming after us if we 
never learned it from you guys who did.  :))

Artie Who????   :))

My 86 year old mother in law loved him, and except for his hits that I have 
heard I really don't know much more about him than what I have read on this 
list, however my mother of 80 never heard of him and certainly never played his 
music in my growing up days.

Sometimes I think we musicians are just too close to the subject to see the 
Forrest for the trees.  Which no doubt holds many of us back form becoming more 
successful than we are.  We tend to live in a sheltered little world of OKOM 
whatever that may be and seldom venture beyond what we know and understand.


Tom Wiggins
Inquiring minds need to know, I have inserted the funnel, feel free to fill 

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