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Dave Robinson jazzteacher at wap.org
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I produce the trad jazz program on XM Satellite Radio.  "The French
Quarter" runs from 9PM-midnight Eastern (6PM-9PM Pacific) every Friday
night on XM70.  Musicians/bands wishing to have their CDs considered for
inclusion in the show--whether or not you register with
SoundExchange--may send them to me at 5537 Belle Pond Dr., Centreville
VA 20120.

Dave Robinson
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> For Band Leaders, Musicians, Radio Station Operators:
> This is probably too good to last but check out the below article.
> "SoundExchange" is collecting and paying "performer" royalties. A very good
> reason to give your CDs to Satellite and Internet radio stations.
> Plus, if they play them, you'll not only make money, but you'll help expand
> the audience for Dixieland.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
> December 28, 2004 NY TIMES - By BEN SISARIO
> Old Songs Generate New Cash for Artists

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