[Dixielandjazz] Royalties for Performers - Satellite & Internet radio

David Livingston snargi01 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 09:30:58 PST 2004

Live365.com, the host for my Dixieland Gumbo station, http://www.dixielandgumbo.com , charges $5 per month on top of their regular charges to cover Royalty fees. This doesn't seem like much but my Total Listening Hours per month is a very small figure compared to the main stream Jazz, Rock and R&B stations. Here is their explanation on the various charges involved in Internet broadcasting. http://www.live365.com/costtobroadcast.html
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Steve barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net> wrote:
For Band Leaders, Musicians, Radio Station Operators:

This is probably too good to last but check out the below article.
"SoundExchange" is collecting and paying "performer" royalties. A very good
reason to give your CDs to Satellite and Internet radio stations.

Plus, if they play them, you'll not only make money, but you'll help expand
the audience for Dixieland.

Steve Barbone

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