[Dixielandjazz] Tagging the Music was Metal & Jazz - Something in common?

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 27 12:43:18 PST 2004

on 12/27/04 1:46 PM, Craig I. Johnson at civanj at adelphia.net wrote:

I read with some intellectual (but not musical/emotional) interest the
dissertation on that Heavy Metal group. In reading it and it's comments
about the many divisions of Rock music or even Heavy Metal, it reminded
me of something I have noticed in these new music programs for "tagging"
information onto and mp3 file, genre, album, artist etc. etc. The
thing that occurs to me when I use them is that I'd like to tag my mp3's
with things
like Main Line Jazz, Swing, "Swing balled"., "Trad Jazz", "Dixieland Jazz"
in my mind I see a difference
between what I call Trad (e.g. Johnny Dodds et. al) and DIxieland ("The
-- not arguable -- these are MY "personal" categories".
--- However, these programs only have a single category for all of these --
as do the tagged
mp3 files for sale or download -- name "jazz". Interesting given the
plethora of different
tags for what I would simple refer to as 2 different styles "Rock & Roll, -
Elvis et. al.
and "Rock"  -- indicating to some degree my lack of interest (as opposed to
of the latter genre's.
Talking about tags or categories, below is PART of what the Dish TV network
gives us in the Philadelphia Area for music channels.

JAZZ: 5 Channels - Standards (ballads);  Swing Bands (includes some
Classic Jazz (straight ahead & bop);  Smooth Jazz (elevator music by "G" and
Contemporary Jazz (Just a little further out from Smooth)

ROCK: 17 Channels - Metal;   Left of Center College/Indie Rock;  Underground
Garage Rock;
Free Form Rock;  80's Hair Bands;  Classic Alternate Rock;  Alt Nation
Alternative Rock:
Pure Hard Rock;  Classic Hard Rock;  World Class Rock;  Jam Bands;  Deep
Cuts Classic Rock; 
Recent Rock;  Early Rock;  All Elvis;  Christian Rock;  Mellow Rock.

Then they supply 4 more Rock Channels as 60-70s Rock, 70-80s Rock, 80-90s
Rock and Today's Rock.

COUNTRY: 6 channels - Folk;  Bluegrass;  Outlaw Country;  Classic Country;
80-90s Country; 
Today's Country.   

If we assume that the number of channels and the tags reflect audience size
and preference, we can see that OKOM is not even a pimple on the music
world's butt.  

Just imagine how difficult it must be to discuss Rock intelligently with all
those categories. Wow, so much music, so little time. :-) VBG

BTW, what the hell is "Left of Center College/Indie Rock"? Is that what they
play on the left coast of the USA at Berkeley and other campuses? Or at
Universities in the Red States? :-) VBG

And what would Buddy Rich say about all that "Country & Western?" ;-) VBG

Steve Barbone

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