[Dixielandjazz] Those who received the Hot Frogs CD.

Richard Broadie rbroadie at dc.rr.com
Fri Dec 24 13:10:46 PST 2004

Hi Fr. Mike.   Please include me on your "Hot Frog" list.  I was founder 
Mike Silverman's best man at his first wedding and he was godfather to our 
first son (a fact that rather blew our parish priest away.)  We remained 
friends for nearly 40 years until Mike's untimely passing.  I have many frog 
LPs, should you wish access from my library.  I can make you digital 
masters, should you so request.

Have a very blessed Christmas

Dick Broadie
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> Greetings to those who received my digital remastering of the first Hot 
> Frogs CD in November.
> As I mentioned on-list, but which may have been overlooked, if any 
> recipient of my referenced CD is willing to burn additional copies for 
> additional requestors, please indicate as much on-list, so the interested 
> parties will know who to contact.
> Thanks to all, etc,
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> Etc,
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