FW: [Dixielandjazz] The success of the off-spring of musicians

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Yes, maybe our "go for it" genes have helped create all these clever kids.
In my case, I received..............50 years ago......the best advice I ever 
had about music and that was that music is a much better hobby than a 

I dare say that most of today's musicians would give that advice to their 
I gave it to my four kids.  My son is the lead guitar in a band in Atlanta 
and I am the cornet for a dixieland band here in north central Ohio and neither 
of us has to grouse about money, the union..... we don't have to have the 
feeling that we have to compromise the direction of our music just to try to get 
payers to come to hear us.

When I hear the phrases "Kinda Dixie," "Sorta Dixie," "So and so's dixieland 
trio,," etc., I know that it is something for me to avoid.  While it falls 
under the all encompassing blanket of OKOM, it is not what I want to play and not 
what I want to go to hear.

I guess I'm just gettin' old and set in my ways but I can't help feelin' like 
I feel.

Just me,

Don Hale

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