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> That all makes perfect sense to me, Charles. I would add that those who go 
> to restaurants to talk loudly, laugh, sing "Happy Birthday" etc, should choose 
> a restaurant that doesn't feature jazz that evening. I have been to Shanghai 
> Jazz in NJ many times when the likes of Kenny Davern, Mark Shane, John Bunch 
> and even Marian McPartland (earlier this year) were drowned out by noisy 
> diners.
> Arnie

That is indeed a RUDE situation that should be discouraged by the Proprietor, 
even at the expenses of losing a few disconcerted customers, if he allows 
that kind of behavior to get out of hand very often he will lose all the other 
customers who actually come there and spend money to see and hear the high 
caliber Jazz music that he presents.

He needs to educate his public as to the proper conduct expected when he has 
that kind of entertainment booked.  Printing such a discreet notice on his 
menu would be in good taste
and do a great service to his patrons and musicians alike to make the 
establishment a much classier place to go, eat and have a good time.   


Tom Wiggins

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