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> Yep a bar gig, a college fraternity party gig, a restaurant gig where we are
> up close and personal to the audience is our preferred venue. It seems as if
> the further away from the audience we are, the less fun we have. And when
> it's dead quiet, we think the audience is dead too.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

I concur with this opinion, even though we are quite capable of doing a stand 
there and play concerto we are BAD to the Bone style show if necessary.  I am 
of the old opinion that we are there to Entertain the audience and loosen 
them up a bit to forget their troubles and woes for a while.  Nothing makes me 
happier than to see folks jump up and dance, or involuntarily start clapping 
their hands on or off the Beat and or tapping their fingers and toes to the 
music.  If I see them not moving some part of their body I call for somebody to 
throw dirt on them.  :))

Many of the later Jazz fans however have earned a reputation (especially in 
France) where they say:  "Jazz fans just Love to be Bored"  :))

Anyway you like it however I say get all dressed up and either go out and be 
bored or go out and loosen up and BE SOMEBODY, even if you have to get a wee 
bit tipsy to do it.  :))

And don't touch my drums unless you can and want to finish the gig, and allow 
me to go out in the audience and touch your wife or girlfriend.  :))

Cheers,  :))

Tom Wiggins

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