[Dixielandjazz] The success of the off-spring of musicians

Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Sat Dec 18 07:25:14 PST 2004

Fellow musicians...

Have you ever noticed how much success the off-spring of musicians seem
to have?

James Kashiskian just returned from England from attending his son's
graduation with a master's degree in economics.

In my case, my number one son is a Lt. Col. in the US Air force in the
law department. He has a degree in History from Cal Berkeley and
graduated third in his law class.

My number two son is a graduate of Cal Berkeley and the UCLA school of
management and is a senior VP in finance at a major entertainment
company in Los Angeles. He enjoys a  six figure income.

Bob Ringwald begat Molly.

I rest my case.

Russ Guarino

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