[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans Funeral Gig

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 17 20:10:39 PST 2004

Just picked up a New Orleans Funeral Gig 13 days before the event. Nothing
like advance planning.

Actually we've done the gig for 3 years now. At the Unitarian Center in
Cherry Hill New Jersey.

The pastor came there from New Orleans 3 years ago and every first Sunday of
the New Year, she ties in the service with a New Orleans Funeral for the old
year. We have a good time playing "Just A Little While To Stay Here" for the
past year, etc. And "Saints" and "Wonderful World" for the New Year with the
comment that the year starts out fresh and wonderful, but somehow, we humans
manage to mess it up pretty quickly.

Besides the N.O. Jazz part of the service, every attendee walks up to the
front, views the casket, and "buries" any happenings in the past year that
they wish to forget thus starting the new one fresh. Some write out a list
of things, and throw it into the casket.

Let's get together and start a trend. At your local church, why not suggest
a N.O. Funeral for the old year? We could all be gigging that first Sunday
in the New Year.

We love the gig, the acoustics, like "A Place For Jazz" a Schenectady NY
jazz venue as well as a Unitarian Center, are just wonderful. (ask list mate
Jerry Gordon who goes to hear Jazz in Schenectady)

Hey Jerry, suggest that N.O. Funeral for 2004 there. Hire that Dixieland
Band from Albany and lead it on washboard.

Steve Barbone

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