[Dixielandjazz] Re: New Years Eve Gig

Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Fri Dec 17 09:32:12 PST 2004

The outcome after haggling with our annual New Years Eve group was a 
compromise of $2200 for a 16 piece band, chick vocalist, and sound man. 
That nets $100 a person for 18 people plus $400 for setup and band 
treasury. That's down from $2600 and $2400 in the previous two years. 
They discontinued the dinner hour pre-dance trio, which was an extra 
$50 and man. Some of this is location related, I reckon, some of it to 
factors that others have cited. Here in Montgomery, AL, the market 
generally sucks for all but blues and old pop-rock. The gigs during my 
years in central Illinois/eastern Indiana and in New Orleans before 
that were more abundant and better paying. We were making $100 on New 
Years Eve in N.O. back in the 50s, when the cost of living was a 
fraction of what it is now.

Charlie Suhor

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