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> thousands) of dollars to buy their LPs and CDs? 
>  If it seems an artist doesn't want to converse, but a fan feels the need to 
> say something, "I really enjoyed the set," and perhaps a handshake should 
> suffice.
>  Of course, Rob, and I do think we "older generation" were brought up to 
> know good manners.
>  Regards,
>  Arnie

You are totally correct Arn, and yes many of us were taught good manners, and 
practice them, but there are those mentally detached fans sometimes who do 
not, now couple them with an egotistical musical idiot with no manners and you 
get an often nasty situation and a lost fan of that musician as well.  Alas! 
But there are many musicians limping around today from shooting themselves in 
the foot repeatedly, often in both feet.   A few of them even have signs of 
former hoof and mouth disease problems, :))

Who appreciates all fans rude and otherwise, they make it possible for us to 
keep going and some of us to make a living without flipping burgers on the 
side.  I learned a long time ago that any fan who pays to come and hear me has 
the right to be treated with appreciation so they will come again and support 
our efforts.

I learned those lessons playing with and booking Country and Western Stars, 
without that audience they would simply not exist.


Tom Wiggins

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