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> After playing jazz festivals for 20  
> years.......I still am anxious to hear many other musicians who are 
> performing  when 
> we are not playing. Almost none of my bandmates hold the same  interest. 
> It is a puzzlement...no?
> Joe  Hopkins

Hi Joe:

Like so many other players just like them in my opinion they are the ones who 
have long ago lost the fire in the belly (if they ever had it) and most 
likely the real enjoyment of playing music to entertain themselves and others.

Some only do it for the "Extra Money" and often do not even realize that they 
are no longer having fun doing it, they often have nothing musically to say 
and don't really care what others are saying either.  In some cases familiarity 
breeds contempt especially for those feeling stagnant in their own efforts or 
complacent.  Like the old saying "It's close enough for Jazz," yet others are 
just in it for the beer and the women.

When I am on tour I make it a point to go and see and hear all kinds of acts 
on the festivals and try to remain in a constant state of learning by watching 
and listening to others further up the ladder than I am, fortunately so do 
most of my sidemen.

If you want to be successful in this business you have to go where the 
successful artists are and make yourself known and play the same places, which is 
how you get International respect and treatment.


Tom Wiggins

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