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Wed Dec 15 14:27:41 PST 2004

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> I don't believe it'll come to pass, but who would have thought that "dj's"
> would be taking so many jobs away from people and that musical shows would
> revert to these synthesizer machines and try to get away from "live" 
> musicians!!
> What a thought!
> Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays anyway!
> John
> John Pappas
> oArkas at aol.com
Well, do not all rush to be totally disheartened, history does repeat itself, 
so by the time the rest of us get around to coming back, and since the 
Trombones went extinct first they will probably get to be first to come back.     It 
is already happening in New Orleans with two very hot Trombone groups down 
there, Bonerama, and Craig Klien's Trombonism.

One of my Trumpet players was doing a guest shot at the Montreal Jazz 
Festival this year which had employed a lot of electronic music type jazz acts or so 
they called themselves, and he reported that several of them actually got 
booed by the audiences.   The buzz around the festival was that they wanted to 
hear and see live musicians for their money.

The Pendulum do swing, I suppose we just have to wait until it comes full 
circle, but we can hope it skips the electronic keyboardists who use rhythm 
machines and synths and Sinfonia.

So any of you who come back in the early stages of reincarnation, might have 
to play without a piano player for a while, and no doubt you will encounter 
many banjos and washboards upon reentry
to the musical stratosphere.


Tom Wiggins

I am coming back as a Chick Singer who can change keys in the middle of the 
songs all by herself just to embarrass the musicians and make them look bad. 

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