[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans Shuffle

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 12 17:38:45 PST 2004

Sheik wrote: (polite snip)

> I'm working on "New Orleans Shuffle", which was composed and performed by
> the Halfway House Orchestra (Jazz Oracle CD).
> I used to play it with a trad band in Bb, but the record is in C (except
> for the clarinet solo, which is in Bb). I suspect that Anderson's (Ab, w/Bb
> chorus) and Vintage Jazz Standards (Bb) sheets came from Murphy or Watters,
> because they just have a 4-bar vamp, whereas the HHO has a 10-bar intro.
> Comments?

Tex Wyndham's bands play it in Fm and then in Ab as follows>

Intro   8 bars in Fm into a

Vamp    4 bars in Fm  Then

Verse  32 bars in Fm  Then

Chorus 32 bars in Ab

I suspect that is pretty close to the Original sheet music.

Steve Barbone

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