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Bill and Ron,

You also have to check the label side for damage such as scratches and ballpoint pen writing. The music layer is directly under the label, so care of this side is even more important than of the "playing" side.
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  Dear Ron,
  CDs rarely skip due to manufacturing errors. And the Proper Box CDs are no
  Unfortunately, most people think that CDs (like LPs before them) are
  They are not!
  When a CD (particularly a second-hand one) skips or repeats inspect the
  shiny underside and check for dust, hair, finger marks, scuffs, scratches,
  digs or bits of sticky gunk.
  Remove these by first breathing on the surface (as you would  when cleaning
  your glasses) and wipe the surface with a clean, soft cloth radially from
  the centre out. Do not clean with a circular motion. Do not use you finger
  nail to remove gunk.
  CDs read from the centre out, so it is possible to make a rough guess as to
  where the skip is. Track 3 - close to the hole. Track 22 - near the outer
  Imperfections will scatter the light from the CD player laser beam.
  Deep digs and scratches in the surface are difficult/impossible to repair.
  Always return the CD to its case after use. Do not leave it lying on a hard
  surface, where the slightest movement across dust will scratch it.
  I may be telling you something you already know.
  If so, I apologise.
  However, I am amazed at how many of my friends do not know how to look after
  their valuable and costly CDs (and LPs).
  Kind regards,

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